Gary Young

Gary-Young-BMX    A California native, Pro Rider Gary Young has been riding for nearly a decade. Gary definitely earned his stripes by placing among the top ranks in almost every contest he’s entered, including gold medal finishes at last year’s BMX Worlds and the Metro Jam. Gary poses a double threat, consistently rocking out solid routines in BMX Park and Dirt competitions. What makes a great rider? Ask him and he’ll tell you it’s not the fancy tricks they pull out of their bag, but rather the fluidity of their lines. With lines flowing like butter-baby, Gary stylized and smooth routines set him apart from the competition. When Gary is asked who or what motivates him, he’s quick to pay homage to his fellow riders, friends, and family.

    This appreciative rider cites traveling as one of his favorite things, which is perfect given that he is on the road shooting videos, participating in contests, and staging demos all around the globe throughout the year. He also enjoys reading books, playing video games, listening to music and simply chillin’ with his friends and family. Gary is a firm believer in hard work and states, “without hard work, nothing happens.” With these strong sources of motivation as well as his own drive to succeed, Gary is poised to expand his medal collection with some more from the Dew Action Sports Tour.

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