Dave Dillewaard

Dave-Dillewaard-BMX     Out of Australia comes one of the hottest up and coming Dirt and Street Riders to the USA.

   Australian born and bred, Pro Rider Dave Dillewaard is one of the best and most motivated Riders that the sport of BMX has ever seen. Dave raged onto the scene in the spring of 2003 after working and saving his money for two years to make his way to the United States. He came prepared, and heads started turning right from the start at the Triple Crown in Denver. This contest allowed him to enter the best trick event and compete against some of the best riders in the world. Dave proved his ability by performing 360 tailwhips and taking home a nice cash prize.

    In the weeks following, Dave would go on to win the high air contest at the Cour Tour in Venice, CA and take home $6,000. The money would keep coming as Dave swept the series winning all three high air contests and taking the championship.

Check out his video!

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