Dave Brumlow


Sponsors: UGP, Vans shoes, Profile racing, Kicker audio, Bell helmets, Staff BMX.

Residence: Melboure Florida.

Years breathing: 36 years young.

Years riding: Been riding for 20+ years

Last book you read: Sound of the Beast: The complete headbanging history of Heavy Metal.

Career highlights/lowlights. Highlight: Last place in vert at the san Fransico x-games.

Lowlight: Losing 540s

Biggest win in C-LO? My best night there is $1850 up and my worst is $1900 down; the bad part was pulling money of a credit card to keep playing. Overall I am up gambling. Addictions are bad.

Biggest loss? About $450 is my best night at C-LO, used to to buy an iPod, and my worst loss is $200. There are countless times I am up $50-150, and countless times I give money to Kip. Blackjack is my favorite.

Is it true you started the trend of pink in BMX almost 15 years ago, under the moniker “Florida Dave”? Sorta. Back in the day when I was on the Florida GT team and I needed a new bike, when it came the box said red. I had wanted one ever since I saw the first GT world tour. Eddie Fiola had a candy apple red bike. When I opened the box the bike was a hot pink color. I was bummed. I tried to claim it a red bike, but over the over the years I have come to terms that is was pink. It was “Melbourne Dave”, coined by Mitch Collins.

How many times have you had a gun pulled on you? Twice. The first was in Dallas. The first Hoffman contest. And the second was in L.A. Third time’s a charm.

What countries have you ridden your bike in? Canada, Brazil, Austraila, England, Switzerland.

Ever seen a midget in full sprint? Yes, at the Gravity Games in Rhode Island. He sprinted through the crowd, across the street and dissappered. Also, I did see a migdet on a BMX bike. I tried for like 15 minutes to take a photo of him without getting caught. I got the photo and I got busted doing it.

Have you ever pissed on a rollerblader? At one of X-trial contests they had a party in the hotel bar for the riders. One of the rollerbladers was laying in the stall hugging the toilet, I came in and relieved myself on him. He said “DUDE, Stop pissing on me!”

Go!, Freestylin’, Bmx Plus!, or American Freestyler? I got my first photo in Plus! as a 15 year old racer at a race in Hawaii, doing a Hawaii style tabletop. Go! and Freestylin’ were both great magazines back in the day. I didn’t see too much of American Freestyler.

Last words? Always split aces

  “I have been riding for 20 plus years. Started out racing and then switched to flatland and eventually ramp riding. I live in Mebourne Florida. I split my time riding between Merrit Island Funplex, Vans Orlando, and Mesh Skatepark. I do various demos though out the country. I try to make it to as many contest as possible, both US and international. I have other interest outside of BMX that include riding my Jet Ski and playing blackjack.”

 PRO member since

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