Danny Williams

Danny-Williams-BMX      Pro Rider Danny Williams is currently one of the youngest Pro Street Riders in the world. He began riding and entered his first contest at the age of 9 and has been improving ever since. At 10 he won the year end title in the “soon to be class” in Matt Hoffman’s B.S. contest series.

   At age of 11, Danny began performing in shows for clients such as: Pro Impact Stunt Team, Awak (now Block) Watches, Specialized Bikes, 2-Hip Bikes, Diamond Productions, and Gary Laurent. Williams recently turned pro, taking 11th at the 2-Hip Burning Bike Contest. Danny participated at the X-Games in 2001!

Also, this summer, Danny landed the first 540 on Vert he ever tried!

Specialty: BMX Street Riding (Ramp Riding)

Age: 24

Years Riding: 14

Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Check out his videos!

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