Corey Bohan

Corey-Bohan-BMX    For Dirt rider Corey Bohan, BMX gives him sense of freedom unparalleled by anything else in the world. With monk-like dedication, asserts that BMX is his life and he loves it. His passion for BMX shines through his personality. Naturally gifted and adept at innovation, Corey is renowned for his big, clean runs and 20 plus foot back flips.

    Off the bike Corey is as easy-going, humble and friendly as they come, but during competitions he channels all his energies into riding. The payoff is obvious. Bohan dominates the podium at almost every contest he enters. After winning a Silver medal at the 2002 Planet X Games in his home country of Australia, and another Silver medal at the 2003 Summer X Games, Bohan cranked out a huge mind-bending Gold medal run at the 2004 X Games and seized the title of “Dirt King“.

    BMX may be his career, but riding a bike has taken Bohan all over the world and introduced him to new people. When not on the road, he hangs out with his Maltese named Matilda, surfs, and plays what he likes to call “social golf.” He attributes much of his success to his friends and family. Always modest, Bohan asserts that he looks to other riders for inspiration. Check out one of the leaders in BMX Dirt at the Dew Action Sports Tour.

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