Bob Kohl

Bob-Kohl-BMX    Bob is a true daredevil with feats like the motorcycle backflip! Bob the originator of the motorcycle backflip, having done it over 80 times on an 80 cc motorcyle with a seven foot tall woooden jump box. He is also a veteran of the sport of BMX.  Bob Kohl has always been a household name in bicycle stunt riding. On top of that, Bob has been performing in shows for more than half of his life! Bob keeps himself busy touring all over the country performing and recently was one of the top riders for the “got milk?” Gravity Tour. One of the most exciting performers to watch, Bob’s specialty is doing backflips, from no handed to no footed, he lives up to his nickname the “Krazy Biker!”


Specialty: Street, Vert BMX (Ramp Riding), and Motorcycle jumping.

Age: 32

Years Riding: 19

Sponsors: Hoffman Bikes

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Specialty: BMX stunt riding, Motorcycle stunt riding

PRO member since

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Pro Rider Chris Gentry drives the Lincoln to Chicago to link up with Pro Riders Jimmy Walker and Bob Kohl then it was off to film Pro Riders Jay Eggleston, Tom Stober, Dave Brumlow, Mike Mancuso and Simon Tabron. Check out more Profiles at Ridaz Gotta Ride.

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