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Allan-Cooke-BMX    Born in 1981, it didn’t take long for BMX’er Allan Cooke to start riding a bike. At the ripe age of 2, Cooke’s feet could reach just enough to touch the pedals. That seemed good enough for his dad and he quickly put him on a tricycle and taught him how to ride. A former motocross racer, Cooke’s dad was the perfect teacher. Aaron, Allan’s older brother, rode bikes and was the perfect riding partner. If it wasn’t destiny calling Allan’s name, he sure grew up surrounded by all of the right tools to become a great BMX rider.

A year later, putting Cooke at 3, he’d progressed to a two wheel bike and was already jumping dirt in the back yard. Allan and Aaron spent all day outside doing jump after jump. Those little mini-dirt jumps wound up turning into something much bigger. Try 54.5 ft! In 2003 Cooke threw the enormous backflip and set a record. “The thing that keeps me going is that there is always room to improve in the world of BMX.”

    Cooke competes in both Park and Dirt. In 2004, he placed 7th at the X Games and 8th at the Gravity Games in Dirt. Back in 2002, Cooke won gold in Dirt at the X Games and placed 2nd at the Gravity Games. His luck hasn’t been quite as successful in Park but he still has solid placements including 6th at Gravity in 2004 and an X Semi-Finalist in 2002.

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