Alistair Whitton

Alistair-Whitton-BMX    Most riders get their start as soon as they grow big enough to reach the bike pedals. Not Alistair Whitton. This England native began riding at the age of 16 and hit the BMX Park competition scene in 2001. Nicknamed ‘Ali,’ his first year was nothing short of eye catching. In his very first X Games, Ali found himself standing on the podium with a silver medal in his hand. He also competed in and won the 2001 Euro X Games. It was deja-vu in 2002 and Whitton took second again in the X Games.

Considered one of the ‘new school’ riders, Ali’s riding ability combines solid technique with big moves, speed, and originality. Outside of Action Sports, Whitten tips his hat to legendary soccer star David Beckham. Believe it or not, the biggest challenge he’s faced is getting an American credit card. Careful with those Ali! He could never live without his bike but his pride and joy is on four wheels, not two. His dream vessel, his baby is his Dodge Ram 1500. Whitton’s motto is “Earn it to burn it.”

PRO member since 2006.

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