FMX (Freestyle Motocross)

PRO-FMX-Header-2    Freestyle Motocross, also known as FMX started in the late 90’s when a few motocross racers at the time Brian Deegan, Mike Metzger, Ronnie Faisst, Larry Linkogle and bunch of other Motocross Racers broke away from the race scene by doing tricks over the jumps while racing. Sort of the outlaws of the racing world, They started a whole new way of expression on the dirt bike that is now and forever known as Freestyle Motocross (FMX). Their group became known as the Metal Mulisha, lead by Pro Rider General Brian Deegan and the rest is history.

2633365062_8e436050fb   In the beginning, back flips were unheard of. Now days you can check out the back flip at a crazy superman level from guys like Pro Rider Derrick Garland. (photo to the right by Chris Tedesco).

   He and other riders put it all on the line everyday for the fans entertainment and for their desire to ride the best he can. FMX is one of the most dangerous sports in the world and deserves the utmost respect. Ride on! 


   You can check out the profiles of other Pro Riders like Adam Jones, Brian Foster, Carey Hart, Derrick Burlew, Derrick Garland, Destin Cantrell, Drake McElroy, Dustin Miller, Graham Gustin, Jeff Kargola, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Jimmy McGuire, Julian Desseau, Lance Coury, Mike Mason, Nate Adams, Ryan Hagy, Seth Enslow, Todd Potter, Trigger Gumm, Robbie Madison and other soon to be Pro Riders here at PRO’s website.

   Another form of FMX is the good ole fashion go as fast and far as you can. Check out Pro Riders like Trigger Gumm above going 5th gear pinned, full speed ahead to a jump that will carry him and his Motorcycle flying over 300 feet to a dirt landing. Other Pro Rider long distance jumpers are Seth Enslow and Robbie Maddison. At the moment, Robbie Madison holds the world record of 322 feet. Pro Riders continue to push the limits and put on a good show.





Jeremy-Lusk-MM-Banner    The Lusk Legacy Foundation is dedicated to improving overall safety in the sport of freestyle motocross at both the professional and recreational levels by protecting the livelihoods of the riders and their families. Click the Jeremy Lusk photo to the left and learn more.

   The Pro Riders Organization is committed to helping and supporting the Lusk Legacy Foundation and all the riders in action sports who contribute their hard work and dedication, risking life and limb everyday to the Pro Rider sports we all love. We ride for the cause to PROtect, PROvide and PROgress the PRO way of life. Always in our hearts, Jeremy!


Just a few of our FMX members …

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